Lisa Chuan Lee Cheng

Lisa’s promising artistic career was cut short by her mental illness. While still a little girl, she took painting lessons at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

She later moved to New York to complete her studies, obtaining a Masters in Art History. In spite of abandoning her academic career, she continued drawing. She is currently employed in a museum as a security guard. Lisa describes her work as the product of a force that flows within her; she transfers onto paper the state of mind in which she finds herself as well as her personal relationships.

Her interest in Natural History, mythology, and the combinations of different shapes taken from plants, men and animals are always present in her work: all these elements point to the idea that, although human beings are constantly evolving they cannot be taken away from their surrounding natural environment.

Lakes and green fields populated by swans, dogs and farmers, oil derricks, and anthropomorphous shades that arise from within water lilies as they become plants (like Daphne the nymph in Ovid’s “The Metamorphoses”) are some of the elements that give life to these compositions with faded colors.


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