Roger Sadler

In his work, Sadler gives great relevance to daily life in a city. With his camera, he captures the world that surrounds us, including garages, shopping malls, freeways, and cars.

His work describes an investigation in everyday beauty that captures the “invisible” features of the “visible” world. Manu other artists would probably disregard his starting point. Recently, he focuses mainly in collages made from objets trouvés.

Although all of his work is full of messages, he always introduces a blaze of freedom so that the spectator can reach his own conclusions. Among the different techniques employed by Roger (drawing, painting, collage, and more recently photography) his first success came from the series of drawings: “Portraits of the mentally sick” (1978-1982).

There he exhibited several characters exquisitely portrayed with a sharp technique, allowing the audience to look at the human beings hidden behind those disturbed faces.


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